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Carson Bacha of Auburn Wins 63rd Porter Cup

Courtesy Brian Chojnacki/ WGRZ-TV

It eventually came down to Carson Bacha of Auburn and Garrett Engle of Oklahoma, who competed in a sudden-death playoff.

LEWISTON, N.Y. — Some of the best young golfers around the world gathered at Niagara Falls Country Club this week to battle in one of the best amateur golf tournaments in the country.

The 63rd men’s Porter Cup wrapped up on Saturday evening, and we had ourselves a wild finish.

Four golfers were tied for first on the final two holes with a 6-under-par score. It eventually came down to Carson Bacha of Auburn and Garrett Engle of Oklahoma, who competed in a playoff.

In sudden death, Bacha teed off first. He had a great shot that hit the green, while Engle’s tee shot went out of play, giving Bacha a golden opportunity to close the tournament out.

Bacha hit two putts to secure the victory and claim the men’s Porter Cup championship, his second win of the summer, which was even more special because he did so with his mother as his caddy.

“It’s number two of the summer,” Bacha said of the win. “First one was with dad on the bag. This one was nice to get it done with mom on the bag. It builds confidence moving forward.”

2 On Your Side’s Brian Chojnacki asked Bacha, “How does it feel to win one of the biggest amateur tournaments in the country?”

Bacha said, “It feels great. It was an awesome week out here. All the hosts, tournament committee, Marty (Shimmel, the tournament Media director), they are all so great. It’s special to win this event, and yeah, it makes me happy.”

Bacha finished the tournament with a 6-under-par score before beating Engle in the sudden-death playoff.

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